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  • International Charitable Fund Constantine was founded in January 2001. It is dedicated to reviving the Konstantinovsky palace and park ensemble in Strelna. Reconstruction of the unique masterpiece of the 18th century has shown that traditions of charity and patronage of arts still exist in Russia and has adapted to the new reality.
  • Among our donators are not only big financial structures and companies banks, holding and join-stock companies, but also common Russian citizens veterans, survivors of the siege, students and people of different professions. Everyone understands the importance of the reconstruction, revival and preservation of the national patrimony.
  • During 10 years of work,Constantine Fund has developed the field of activity, trying to introduce new ways of solving the objective and inevitable lacks of government social policy and market approach.

Nowadays, Constantine Fund has taken a firm stand among Russian charities by successful realization following charity programms:

  • Charity program, aimed at creation of the Konstantinovsky palace museum and making of the palace park zone.
  • Charity program Assistance to programs, aimed at preservation the historical, intellectual and cultural heritageof Russia.
  • Charity program Assistance to programs in sphere of education, science, enlightenment, sport, intellectual development.
  • Charity programm Support the revival of historical and culture ensemble Konstantinovsky Palace in Strelna.
  • Charity programm Support the Russian Orthodox Church.
  • Charity program Assistance to activity of citizens preventive health care and popularization of healthy life-style, improving citizens moral and psychological state.
We trust that Constantine Fund activities will attract those, who are not indifferent to the future of our country and that it will revive the charity and patronage traditions, which Russia has been renowned for.